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Aura Glow Coconut Musk Body Oil

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Nourishing and Beautifying

Origin: USA
Scent: Coconut, Musk
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Nourishing and Beautifying

Aura Glow Coconut Musk Oil can be used to beautify your body, promote circulation or as a massage oil to enhance flexibility. Experience the incredibly nourishing combination of certified organic peanut, olive, lanolin and vitamin E oils. Unlike most moisturizers, this all-natural formula has no additives or artificial preservatives, so it acts as food for your skin. It rapidly absorbs into the body to be used where it is needed. In addition to being a full body moisturizer, you can use this versatile skin softener as bath oil, hair treatment, baby oil, after shave or after sun treatment.


Cold Pressed Peanut Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Lanolin Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Musk fragrance and PABA.

UPC: 076970110346

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