Hilde Soliani

EDP- Caaastagna Saalaaata

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Notes of roasted chestnuts, salt, and herbs

Origin: Italy
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Notes of roasted chestnuts, salt, and herbs

On a visit to the Calabrian mountains, Hilde witnessed the local farmers roasting chestnuts with a variety of locally foraged herbs and wood. The sweet, earthy aroma, combined with the breathtaking views from the mountains to the sea, filled her with a sense of freedom and lightness that never left her. In this spirit, CAaastagna Saalaaata was born: a fragrance of Mediterranean meadows with the deep appeal of warm roasted chestnut, contrasted with sharp sea salt, a complex bouquet of herbs, and the rich ozone of the ocean all infused with an abiding freshness. Beautifully blended and presented with all of the unpretentious zest for life that characterizes all of Hilde's work.

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