Histoires de Parfums

1876 Eau de Parfum

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A Bewitching Performance

Origin: France
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A Bewitching Performance

Margaretha Geertruida Zelle was born in the Netherlands, of a Dutch father and a Javanese mother. She was to draw her dancer/courtesan name, Mata Hari, meaning the eye of day (the sun) in Malaysian, because of her exotic origins, perfect for this famous spy, whose captivating beauty and taste for adventure made her famous. That's why the most exhilarating of flowers, the spicy rose, comprises the heart of this mysterious perfume.Roses usually represent a sense of fragility and sensitivity. In 1876, Histoires de Parfums combines the Moldavian rose, cinnamon and sandal. As a result, the floral center of scent is simultaneously soft and touchable yet tantalizingly hot and provoking, a spicy rose that illustrates the Asian origins of Mata Hari, and her exoticized image and allure. 1876's multi-faceted core is further embellished through a mixture with other florals, fruits and musk, creating a delectable fragrance that is fatally glamorous.Litchi, orange, and bergamot add a tangy sweetness. Iris adds an absorbent, buttery texture that allows some bounce and powdery-lightness into this composition. Violet is a piquant, peppy kick that energizes 1876, while carnation adds a matte, spicy-floral sizzle, like a less dulcet, more androgynous reincarnation of rose. Sandalwood and vetiver imbues this scent with green energy, a contrast that throws the blood red of rose into sharper relief.Seductive, and deeply sensual, this oriental floral is unabashedly femme, strong, and intoxicating. Top Note: Orange, Bergamot, Litchi Heart Note: Rose, Iris, Violet, Cumin, Cinnamon, Carnation Base Note: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Guaiacum, White Musk, Vanilla

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