Bioplasma Tablets

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A combination of all 12 of Schuessler's Biochemic Tissue remedies (cell salts), which are constituents of various parts of the body.


Calc fluor 6x, HPUS, Calc phos 3x HPUS, Calc sulph 3x HPUS, Ferrum phos 3x HPUS, Kali mur 3x HPUS, Kali phos 3x HPUS, Kali sulph 3x HPUS, Mag phos 3x HPUS, Nat mur 6x HPUS, Nat phos 3x HPUS, Nat sulph 3x HPUS, Silica 6x HPUS, Inactive Ingredients: Acacia gum, lactose N.F.

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