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JB Eau de Parfum

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A Versatile Virtue

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A Versatile Virtue

A vibrant tangerine clangs and tangs joyously at the outset of JB, and its citric splendor unleashing the sizzling, sturdy spice of black pepper. Together tangerine and black pepper create a sparkling, energetic top that scintillates and tantalizes us, in advance of forthcoming, thrilling elements. In the heart of JB, clean eucalyptus fuses with exotic, sumptuously spiced tiger orchid and the crystalline clarity of elemi Coeur: this triumvirate is a creamy, aromatic dream team, finished off with just the slightest degree of sultry, resinous smoke. Geranium blooms, its mystical, piquant floral signature the perfect complement to the preceding three elements. A solid foundation is constructed out of smokey papyrus, rich and salty-sweet black amber, and silently graceful blonde woods, all of which contribute their individual accent while providing the structure for the aromatic, lighter elements to continuously float upon. A lingering, sensual comfort, JB is a salve for the soul. Compelling and comforting in equal measure, this is Jack Black's most versatile scent. JB contains 18% essential oils, ensuring long-lasting potency on skin.


Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water.

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