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Another Oud Eau de Parfum

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A Subtle Thrill

Origin: France
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A Subtle Thrill

Another Oud is a new approach to the tradition of oriental fragrances. Lively and voluptuous, Another Oud reinvigorates our understanding of oud. Ironically named, this fragrance is not just ?another' oud. This fragrance surrounds us from the moment it escapes the nozzle, and persuades us into to. Bergamot is an illuminating spark, its green intensity shooting out and through the remainder of this scent. Oud is revealed under bergamot's searchlight. When this invaluable, impermeable note appears, we marvel at it's multidimensional beauty. A creamy, sweet-tart, nonlinear element, oud is taut and pleasingly animalic. The tension oud maintains in the core of Another Oud is balanced by cashmeran, a wood that mirrors oud's energetic profile, but which is ultimately breezier and slightly sweet. Raspberry drenches these woods, in a deep berry-crimson, through which oud and cashmeran spark and spit like a fire in the rain. Musk forms, streaming clouds emanating from the evaporating raspberry raindrops which floats from the bottom up to the top of Another Oud. A strong scent, Another Oud is nonetheless effortless on skin. A study in contrasts, (of bright and dark, wet and dry), Another Oud is subtly thrilling. You can feign familiarity, but Another Oud defies preconception. (bergamot, raspberry, oud wood, norlimbanol, musks, ambroxan)

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