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Miss Charming Eau de Parfum

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Saucy Chic

Origin: France
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Scent: Berry, Musk, Rose
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Saucy Chic

Miss Charming innocently bats her eyelashes, while her elegant sensuality quietly simmers beneath the surface. Urbane and modern, the fruity sweetness that defines this fragrance also imparts a retro vibe. Miss Charming is instantly pleasing, all radiating smiles and sunshine. The powerful rose that drives this scent is dense yet luminous, a potent mix of soap and satin that recalls a sweetly pink interior, a velvet lined boudoir or a pink veneer vanity edged with gold. When the ripe pop of fruit kicks into gear this regal, feminine scent enjoys a dose of naughty. Litchi is a floral, juicy freshness that adds an unexpected flair to this sweet floral. Strawberry adds a tangy, slightly aqueous pop, like a bit of the mouthwatering fruit itself, rather than its dulcet, forest floor smell. Red berries additionally furnish these ripe elements, reinforcing their vivid energy. Musk adds a dewy, cloud-like dimensionality to Miss Charming, ensuring that this fruity-floral reverie floats onto (rather than sinks into) skin. A shimmering weave of sophisticated components that would impress Marie Antoinette herself, Miss Charming is as insouciant as she is sophisticated. A flirtatious fragrance of the first, irresistible degree, friends and lovers will undoubtedly hover closer when you wear this scent. That's the power of Miss Charming, and her sweet, sweet magic. (Moroccan rose, strawberry, litchi, red berries, musk)

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