Oud Aquilaria Candle

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Warm, Woodsy Smokiness

Origin: USA
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Warm, Woodsy Smokiness

A woody fragrance where agar and papyrus blend in a sultry, smoky haze. The tobacco leaves and moss add depth and complexity, while the incense and coriander bring an elegant, musk note. Made of domestically grown, sustainable soybean wax and cotton wicks, KOBO candles burn cleanly and have an excellent fragrance yield. Each gorgeous candle comes complete with an extinguishing lid and a custom-designed box of wooden matches. 80-hour burn time.Each fragrance in the Aurelia Collection is a world unto itself. Created to elegantly fill each space without overwhelming, it's evocative and exotic. The stately packaging is simple and yet sophisticated.


100% Pure Soy Wax

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