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Bana Banana Eau De Parfum

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A Baroque Perfume

Origin: France
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A Baroque Perfume

It all started with Banana... Extravagance, exuberance, imagination, and champagne: Les Folies Bergères in the 70s, the famous Parisian cabaret.

No expense was spared for a costume to one of their balls, and no detail forgotten, especially not the scent.

It was for a Banana costume to this very ball that the avid plant collector and chemist Jean Laporte created his first nature-inspired fragrance. This Banana scent sparked a passion, and a desire to bring the fragrance industry back to a pre-industrial state, where each ingredient is respected, identifiable and valued.

And so, with this mission in mind, L’Artisan Parfumeur, the craftsman of fragrances, was born. Today, with the help of Perfumer Céline Ellena, the brand re-imagines the never commercialized fragrance that started its story...

An amber Banana - a rare, yet rich baroque-style composition - a blend of jasmine and candied bananas.

Freckles of pepper and amber sublime the heart of this baroque perfume by presenting its aura in chiaroscuro, in which the unusual main ingredient, Banana, can shine sovereign. The Jasmin flower, mistakenly naïve, creates a milky and carnal link between the balms and the shimmer from the fruit. Violet flowers, slightly bitter, overlaid with nutmeg, raw and biting, create the sensation of the banana skin. Iris and Tonka bean, highly generous materials with imposing textures, brighten the irresistibly sensitive trail of the scent.

Notes: Banana Flower, Nutmeg Flower, Tonka Bean

Perfumer: Céline Ellena

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