Le Baigneur

Shave Soap and Bowl No. 2

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Origin: France
Free Of:

Parabens, Silicon, Paraffins, or PEGs; Palm Oil; GMOs; Artificial Colors; Synthetic Fragrances

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Le Baigneur's Savon a Barbe (Shave Soap) No. 2 in a porcelain shave bowl with lid, made in Limoges.Le Baigneur soaps are made in Corr?ze using a traditional cold process soap making method. This time-honored and energy-efficient process allows to save the nourishing properties of vegetable oil and get a rich glycerin soap that respects the hydrolipidic film of your skin.KEY INGREDIENTS:- St. John's Wort and Oat Extracts: healing and regenerating- Lavender Hydrosol: calms razor burn and softens skin- Yellow Clay: facilitates the sliding of the blade for a comfortable shave- Honey: soothes, heals, and moisturizes skin- Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: balancing and regenerating virtues


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Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Castor Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Water (Aqua), Babassu Oil*, Vegetable Glycerin (from saponification), Green Clay, Oily Macerate Of St. John's Wort*, Lavender Hydrosol*, Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang*, Yellow Clay*, Oat Extract*, Honey* * Denotes Organic

Foam the soap with a previously moistened shave brush until a thick and creamy foam is obtained. Apply by circular movements on the wet face. Shave and rinse face with cold water.

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