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Oud Velvet Mood Eau de Parfum

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An Esoteric Classic

Origin: France
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An Esoteric Classic

Oud is a star of perfumery that is one of this century's rarest and most expensive natural raw materials. It took Francis Kurkdjian some time before he reached out for oud's olfactory power and integrated it into his personal realm of practice. For Kurkdjian, oud conveys mystery, a bewitching narcotic that's truly magnificent. This is an opulent Arabian perfume born out of a western sensitivity. Oud Velvet Mood is a majestic, enveloping fragrance that gives the sensation of density and fluidity. Like the riffing and scatting that illustrate jazz vocals, Oud Velvet is a sumptuous arrangement, etched and enhanced by the spices that play above its woodsy baseline. Cinnamon is initially a remarkably solid effect, as if its powder were not finely ground. A simultaneously sparkling and matte, deep red, cinnamon steeps the outset of Oud Velvet Mood in a serious, reserved sensuality. Saffron soon upsets this contemplative mood, making cinnamon sing, like fire come to life. Copahu balm adds a rich, tangy acidity that simultaneously smokes, like acrid fumes issuing from saffron's explosion of cinnamon. Within this fire of spice and smoke, oud glitters, its characteristic, lactic heft transformed into a grittier, piecemeal texture, like a pile of uncut diamonds. Sensual and energizing, Oud Velvet Mood sets a classic ingredient in an esoteric setting, which makes it sparkle all the brighter. Perfect pitch used to improvise, a dizzyingly fret effect. (cinnamon, saffron, copahu balm, oud)

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