Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

Sample - Petit Matin EDP

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Origin: France
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Would you love to try Petit Matin Eau de Parfum? Order a sample and ensure it's the right fragrance for you. With Smallflower's convenient sample program, you can experience any number of fragrances, at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle, before you buy.Samples are either packaged by the perfume house, or hand-poured here at Smallflower and presented in a 0.7 ml size (each 1 ml vial is filled 3/4 full for ease of application).Please note: The color of the fragrance in the sample vial you receive may differ from the image shown.About Petit Matin Eau de Parfum:Pure beauty, as if experienced for the first time. Like the perfect Parisian dawn, Petit Matin is invigorating. A celestial balance exists before the cobbled streets spring fully to life. In the first light of day, all is still and oh-so-pretty. Indonesian litsea cubeba mimics the glinting shimmer of sun against marble, iron and the Seine, its spice an unfiltered jolt of freshness. Calabrian lemon illustrates the clean, artistic lines of this city, upheld throughout decades of architectural mastery. Lemon infuses Petit Matin with solidity (in spite of its liquidity) and this stability stands calmly at the core of this scent, bare and muscular like the white of Sacre C?ur against a blue Montmartre sky. Proven?al lavender streaks this blue and white scene with tufts of early morning clouds, tinged purple. Hawthorn and orange blossom reflect the increasing warmth of the day. As the sun rises and shadows dissipate, hawthorn and orange blossom pulse, dark shadows of sweet, spicy night blooming coming into daylit life. Orange blossom is fundamental to Petit Matin, but its indulgent piquancy is cleverly controlled by the straight, taut lines of lemon. In turn, orange blossom kisses the surface of lemon's regal architecture but respects the impermeable nature of this more acid, less effusive element. Musk blooms out of lavender's streaks, an herbal cream as lofty as great swathes of cotton candy. Ambroxan floats, a mist of the winding water spine, this cooling woody-aqua sensation grounds sweet musk and orange blossom. Petit Matin is an elegant illustration of the city of dreams, a sweet awakening. (litsea cubeba, Calabrian lemon, Proven?al lavender, orange blossom, hawthorn accord, musk, ambroxan)

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