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Kintsugi Eau De Parfum

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Mend Broken Bonds With Gold

Origin: Italy
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Mend Broken Bonds With Gold

Spring has finally arrived. The fresh air conveys energy and arouses mankind from winter lethargy.

Under the magnolia tree, the potter is repairing a broken vase, using an ancient technique. Kintsukuroi – golden repair.

The garden is peaceful, chirruping birds are not disturbing the craftwork, as they are part of the scene.

The master did not want to loose the old vase. He said it was useful.

Broken, not bent, but not hopelessly lost.

On the wall, besides the rose bush, an old carved stone slab says:

Cherish the simple. Cherish the old.

Do not hide your scars, show them with pride.

Perfumer: Vanina Muracciole

Head Notes: Bergamot E.O., Magnolia China E.O., Savoury Amber

Heart Notes: Golden Suede, Centifolia Rose Grasse abs., Violet Leaves abs.

Base Notes: Benzoin Siam, Raspberry Leaves abs., Patchouli Coeur, Vanilla abs.

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