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Lumiere Blanche Eau de Parfum

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Origin: France
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A mild, enveloping perfume, Lumi?re Blanche is a comforting cocoon, between milky mildness and cold spices. It evokes the sweltering heat from the sun at the zenith, which erases colors, leaving only a blinding white hue; it surprises with its spicy freshness. Cardamom is a soft, effervescent texture in Lumiere Blanche, yet it is also a definitive, long lasting effect. Star anise is slightly more bittersweet and ethereal, a dark, tangy spice that momentarily pops and then fades into this white-out. Cinnamon and iris imitate the subtly vibrating heat of a hazy, early summer day, the spice-infused dusty floral emanating a hot days and cooler nights vibe, not a late summer 24 hour blaze. Almond milk is as refreshing and wholesome as a languid dip into freshwater, its silken quality totally becalming. Cashmere wood picks up on almond milk's smooth moves but solidifies this nutty nuance into a leaner, seamless texture that sinks effortlessly into skin. Cedarwood issues a sweet smoke that wreathes the subtle, spicy spikes that line the perimeter, thereby taking any overt edge off Lumiere Blanche. Sandalwood is both luminous and dusty, like a final bolt of white light through the haze. Tonka bean and white musk are the final frontier, a nebulous structure that rolls in with a slow, dense grace. Like a weekday retreat to the beach, Lumiere Blanche is a light-filled, wide open space, a brilliant sky streaked with amorphous, slow moving clouds. Unabashedly gorgeous, yet adamantly understated, Lumiere Blanche is an irresistible, soothing signature. Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur at Robertet (cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, iris, almond milk, cashmere wood, cedarwood, sandalwood, tonka bean, white musks)

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