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Ditch the Cartridge DE Safety Razor

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For a Better Shave (and a Fatter Wallet!)

Origin: Pakistan
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For a Better Shave (and a Fatter Wallet!)

A perfect introduction razor into traditional wet shaving, Ditch the Cartridge's lightweight safety razor comes with 12 Treet stainless steel blades. The best razor for the price on the market!
Join the movement of intelligent shavers who have decided to Ditch the Cartridge!Results will include:

  • 1) A fatter wallet (cartridge blades are expensive!)
  • 2) A better shave (goodbye ingrown hairs and razor bumps)
  • 3) Less waste (adios annoying packaging)
  • 4) Increased shaving satisfaction (shaving like a real man -- or woman -- feels good!)


Never touch a or hold razor blades on the blade edge. Keep out of reach of children.

UPC: 045635018228

For Beginners:
It's all about the angle. Find it, use it, love it.
Forget the old catridge press-and-drag routine. Light, steady pressure will do.
Use slow, small strokes when you begin, especially around the chin and the nose. You'll get the hang of it; no need to rush.

How do I change the Blade?
Hold the handle up in the air and place the top of the razor upside down on the counter. Grab the sides of the razor head (where there is no blade edge!) with you r thumb and forefinder and hold firmly. Unscrew the handle and life the top of the razor head so you can remove the blade. Carefully dispose of used blade in paper sleeve or bottom of blade dispenser.

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