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Cacao and Maca Bite Size Bar

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Contains over 55 Phytonutrients!

Origin: USA
Scent: Chocolate
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Contains over 55 Phytonutrients!

Explore the flavorful sensation of Righteously Raw's Maca Bar's warm, nutty Andean Maca root enveloping a rich dark Ecuadorian chocolate fudge truffle. Maca root is a Superfood found in the high Andes known for its ability to balance the endocrine system, increase strength and improve libido. From the moment it touches your tongue, the unique blend of raw cacao butter in concert with mesquite pod, sweet maca root and a hint of Himalayan pink salt energizes your body. The powerful flavor of the coating, complemented by the sweetness of the truffle blended from low-glycemic dates and golden Hunza raisins, balance each other to offer a distinct taste that may redefine the look and taste of chocolate bars.Ingredients found in the Righteously Raw Maca Bar are consciously sourced. Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Kosher | Low Glycemic | Antioxidant Rich | No Refined Sugars | Soy and allergen Free | Non GMO

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Organic, Kosher, Vegan, AND Gluten Free!


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Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Maca Powder, Organic Mesquite Powder, Organic Vanilla Bean Powder, Salt.

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