Seki Edge

EZ View Clipper

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Origin: Japan
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  • Magnifying lens to improve your vision
  • Great for the visually impaired & the elderly
  • Traps excess nail clippings from flying
  • Folds compactly when done
Do you have a hard time seeing your toenails when you are cutting them? The EZ View Clipper from Seki Edge features the ability to enhance your view as you are giving yourself a pedicure. Easily foldable and very compact, you can cut your nails with confidence.

This nail clipper allows for precise clipping with a close-up view. It even has a built-in nail catcher that traps your clippings for disposal. Manufactured from the highest quality materials by experienced craftsmen, Seki Edge uses a highly specialized technique to grind the metal to create a sharp tip. This requires a master technician's touch, not a machine. Experience the difference of Seki Edge tools today!

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