Seki Edge

Stainless Steel Point Tweezer

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Origin: Japan
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  • Pointed tip for detailed tweezing
  • Gentle gripping for continuous use
  • Professional quality tool for superior results
Seki Edge tweezers are made in Japan and used by celebrities all over the world. They don't add flash, they add substance. While you may think that all tweezers are the same, the quality of the metal and finishing method make a huge difference.

The biggest complaint about most tweezers is that they stop coming together after prolonged use. Seki Edge tweezers are welded together carefully and go through a 30 step process. In the final stages, they are hand finished and individually tested by master craftsmen to ensure a high quality product.

Hard tweezers often cause fatigue that leads to carpal tunnel and neck strain. Seki Edge tweezers are soft and gentle on the hand so you can use it all day with less fatigue. The Stainless Steel Pointed Tip Tweezer is twice-tempered to give strength and hardness for long lasting performance. The tips will not flare outward when pressured is applied. Pointed tips are perfect for tweezing fine eyebrow hair or removing splinters. Made from Japanese stainless steel and hand finished by master craftsman to guarantee an ultra sharp edge that will last.

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