Cool Fix Lip and Brow Formula

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For Post Hair-Removal Soothing

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For Post Hair-Removal Soothing

The Cool Fix ?To- Go? Lip and Brow Formula is the perfect carry on whenever, wherever. Instantly soothes, while reducing inflammation, redness, and breakouts caused from hair removal.


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Glycolic Acid ? helps to exfoliate the skin's surface lifting dead skin cells and allowing hairs to come through more easily. Salicylic Acid ? provides excellent surface exfoliation to aid in keeping pores open. Sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin. Helps kill bacteria which may be present around ingrown hairs underneath the skin. Phytic Acid? is a powerful detoxifier derived from Rice Bran. It helps dissolve dead skin cells so trapped hairs can be freed more easily from the top layers of the skin. Evens and lightens skin around infected areas. Mediacalm Complex (Boerhavia Root Extract) ? helps to instantly soothe the skin and reduce redness on contact.

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