Angelica Root (Angelikawurzel)

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An Aromatic Bitter Herb

Origin: Germany



Radacina de Angelica

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An Aromatic Bitter Herb

here are many stories about how and where Angelica archangelica might have gotten its name, from being a cure for the plague in the 15th century to being as universally protective as an angel. Suffice it to say, it was believed to work wonders, and lived up to its holy name. Like other members of its family Apiaceae such as carrot, celery and parsley, Angelica is fragrant and versatile, prized for its nutrient rich and flavorful roots. As an aromatic bitter herb, Angelica root is a bartender’s best friend. It is commonly used with juniper and coriander as the primary components of gin, or can be a staple ingredient in bitter tinctures for craft cocktails and liqueurs. Universally warming and stimulating, Angelica is a go-to herb for chasing away any kind of sluggishness. In fact, it’s one of the first plants a bear will seek out after hibernation to get charged up for spring!

Angelica root can be decocted for an earthy and mild, internally warming tea.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

For many centuries, people from all over the globe have found fresh herbs to be a gentle yet effective health-enhancing blessing. These are our own hand packed loose herbs, packaged in old world apothecary style, air tight brown paper canisters to keep light and moisture out, and freshness in. Use in teas, tinctures, and elixirs.

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