Buckthorn Bark (Frangula alnus)

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Buckthorn bark - (Frangula alnus) also known as Alder Buckthorn and Black Dogwood, is a tall, tree-like shrub with feathered leaves, inconspicuously green flowers, and dark berries. It is native to Europe, Asia and the Middle East but is now thriving all across North America to such an extent that it is considered invasive. Its sale is banned in multiple states in the US for its ability to dominate the environment wherever it grows. Despite this, Alder Buckthorn has a long history of making valuable and unique contributions. It’s uniquely important to bees and butterflies, the leaves are abundant, nutritious, and more accessible to small animals than taller trees are, and people have found medicinal and domestic uses for the aged bark for centuries. In ancient Greece, Buckthorn was used as a remedy for poison and headaches as well as protection from all kinds of evils from demons to witchcraft. These days, dried Buckthorn Bark is more commonly decocted for a bitter tea to help support digestive regularity.

The dried Buckthorn Bark available at has been aged at least a year as recommended to eliminate the toxicity of fresh bark.

For many centuries, people from all over the globe have found fresh herbs to be a gentle yet effective health-enhancing blessing. These are our own hand packed loose herbs, packaged in old world apothecary style, air tight brown paper canisters to keep light and moisture out, and freshness in. Use in teas, tinctures, and elixirs.

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