Tabula Rasa

Abraka Barber Shave Soap Puck

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Great for sensitive skin

Origin: Germany
Scent: Juniper
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Great for sensitive skin

Those with skin sensitivities will rejoice every time they reach the Tabula Rasa Shaving Soap. Made with natural, skin-nurturing ingredients like mango butter, argan oil, and shea butter, these 100 percent vegan soaps create an amazingly thick lather that provides excellent glide and a cushioned, comfortable shave. Each soap also contains Stimu-tex. This Swiss formulated active complex alleviates dry, itchy, and irritated skin while protecting from allergic reaction. The end result is smooth, hydrated skin that feels soft to the touch for hours after shaving.

Abraka Barber opens with a mix of lime, juniper, gin, and hints of pink pepper. This scent is rounded off by a mix of woody notes, smoke, and leather.

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