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Origin: Switzerland
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Would you love to try Lonesome Rider Eau de Parfum? Order a sample and ensure it's the right fragrance for you. With Smallflower's convenient sample program, you can experience any number of fragrances, at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle, before you buy.Samples are hand-poured in-house and presented in a 0.7 ml size (each 1 ml vial is filled 3/4 full for ease of application).Please note: The color of the fragrance in the sample vial you receive may differ from the image shown.About Lonesome Rider Eau de Parfum:With Lonesome Rider Andy Tauer goes back in time (ten years) and returns with a fragrance that is breathtakingly beautiful, bold and unique, yet totally wearable. Lonesome Rider follows a narrative of Lonestar Memories and L'air du D?sert Marocain, yet marches bravely into new, fragrant territory. The citrus at the top of this scent is terse and lean, more mineralic than lush and candied. Pepper assist in creating this dry arrangement of top notes, but crucially even the cloves that follow pepper are minimalist interpretations of spice for Tauer. When rose (normally a rich, accentuated note in Tauer's compositions) arises, it is a clean, shock of luminous energy. At the center of Lonesome Rider is a dense iris root that recalls the great classics of this masculine-of-center, wild, arid genre. Leather smolders, and against this smoky backdrop the weight orris begins to reveal its clean, fresh character which smooths the rougher edges of leather. As iris and leather collide and alchemize, an animalic element (castoreum) reaches up into the preceding arrangement of notes and subtly reorganizes citrus, spice, and rose into one, lean, yet weighty body that is dark and romantic. Vetiver is enlivening yet earthy, a spicy green that blends seamlessly with the sparkling salinity of ambergris. Sandalwood gives this fragrance a long lasting, woody charm which lends itself oh-so-easily to skin. Like a careful progression across familiar yet unpredictable lands, Lonesome Rider proceeds on skin with a delectable sense of tension and quiet, picturesque drama. An ideal introduction to Tauer's experimental brilliance, Lonesome Rider is a seamless thrill. (citrus chord (with prominent grapefruit and bergamot), pepper, clove, rose, iris root, leather, castoreum. vetiver, ambergris, sandalwood)

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