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Sotto La Luna Tuberose Eau de Parfum

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Effortless Romance

Origin: Switzerland
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Effortless Romance

Andy Tauer's Sotto La Luna Tuberose is an invitation to reexperience tuberose: brilliantly, peppery green and beguiling this bloom is far from the type-cast, feral role it usually plays. A natural (unembellished) rendering of this queen of the night allows the wearer to enjoy tuberose's airy freshness and redefine floral elegance. A measured, supple scent the star floral is enabled by a lively insightful set of castmates. Cinnamon is effervescent, and effortless spicy sparkle. Clove is a darker effect. Together with cinnamon the effect is reminiscent of moist yet finely-crumbed gingerbread, delightfully toothsome. Geranium and galbanum are as bright and lightweight as the preceding spices were dense. Geranium sears with citric freshness while galbanum is a softer shade of green/yellow, the perfect entre to the pliable sweetness of the florals that follow. Besides the aforementioned supple yet luminous tuberose, ylang ylang glows, a banana yellow, creamy shriek of fruity indulgence. Jasmine is earthier than either ylang ylang or tuberose and establishes a solid sense of terra firma with it's spicy, soil-rich tones. Jasmine is an important, clarifying force, grounding tuberose sotto la luna and not, despite its divine charms, up in the air where other, lightweight florals flit and flip. A dash of rose adds to this definitively earthly depiction. Rose's petals add dimension to the bittersweet, herbal dimensions of patchouli; together these notes recall wet grass at night. Ambergris solidifies this scent without weighing it down, its saline-savory twist curbing florid sweetness. Sensuous, uplifting and balmy, Sotto La Luna is the evokes romance at its most effortless. (cinnamon, clove, geranium, galbanum, tuberose, ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, patchouli, ambergris)

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