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Oriental Lounge Eau de Parfum

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Mysterious and Incandescent

Origin: France
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Mysterious and Incandescent

A mysterious yet luminous fragrance, troubling and provocative. Games between soft and bitter, smooth and spicy materials. It is a modern and sophisticated amber that you'll want to wear with jeans and a white cotton shirt, an outspoken and subtle perfume for those looking for a comfortable, sensual and true Oriental. An Haute Parfumerie fragrance that suggests but does not reveal immediately its true character.Imagine a soft spicy scent, the freshness of the oasis, the sensuality of Oriental silk. Like a pure and precious perfume, an invitation to pleasure, an olfactory caress on your skin. A brand new accord built around the softness of Caloupil?, the freshness of Bergamot, and the depth of Amber and Tonka Bean. A modern vision of the eternal Orient of the Thousand and One Nights. The atmosphere of a cozy lounge club with red velvet, low ceiling and subdued light.Top Notes: Caloupil? Leaves, Bergamot, PepperHeart Notes: Rose, Satinwood Base Notes: Amber, Tonka Bean, Labdanum

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