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Kingsman: TGC Eau de Parfum

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A Debonair & Charismatic Accord

Origin: France
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A Debonair & Charismatic Accord

Introducing the worldwide exclusive fragrance Kingsman: TGC, the official collaboration between Azzi Glasser and film director Matthew Vaughn inspired by the MARV and 20th Century Fox Film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.The chosen crafted masterpiece is based on the virtual DNA print of the Kingsman ? elegant, provocative, and intellectual. The top accord of English Earl Grey tea and neroli blended with the finest notes of laurel leaf and elemi oil are enduring and full of temptation. Clary sage enveloped with delicious rum, tobacco flower, and an overdose of vetiver add a sultry and smoky heritage accord that is full of lust. With black oud added, it has an addictive depth of strength, loyalty, and charm that all desire.Character and Style:Debonair, Intelligent, Charismatic

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