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PUR Mints Polar Mint Pouch

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An Icy Cool Sensation!

Origin: Switzerland
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An Icy Cool Sensation!

Awaken your taste buds with an icy cool sensation! Both delicious and breath-freshening, Polar Mint Mints are aspartame-free and made for all to enjoy!Try Polar Mint for an invigorating rush of refreshing arctic air.What makes PUR so pure?- Naturally sweetened with xylitol- Gluten-free- Vegan- Non-GMO- Diabetic-friendly- Nut-free and soy-free- Dairy-free- Safe for pregnant moms- Swiss-made


Xylitol, Maize Dextrin (fiber), Natural mint flavoring, natural flavoring.

UPC: 830028001112

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