Complexion Cleansing Brush

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Gently Deep Clean Your Face

Origin: Germany
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Gently Deep Clean Your Face

Superfine, soft bristles cleanse deep into pores to wash away impurities while gently exfoliating. The ergonomic shape was designed for comfort, with a flat base so the brush can stand upright for drying and storage. A tilted brush head ensures water drains when standing.- Soft, synthetic bristles dry thoroughly and retain their shape- Comes with clear, ventilated cap to keep bristles safe and dry for easy travel and storage


UPC: 038097014587

Dampen both face and brush with water. Apply your favorite facial cleanser to the brush and gently move it over your face to clean skin and remove makeup and impurities. Stand brush upright to allow bristles to dry between uses.

Rinse after each use. Stand upright to dry between uses. Use cap to protect bristles while still allowing them to dry during travel and storage.

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