Ulrich Lang New York

Aperture Eau de Parfum

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Sheer Magnetism

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Sheer Magnetism

Introspective and heady, Aperture from Ulrich Lang New York is a woody-spicy fragrance for a new time. Aldehydes and pink, white & black pepper sparkle at the outset of this nebulous, earthy scent, like electric lights illuminating a low hanging, hazy urban skyline. Tobacco curls towards us, like a cloudy emission broiling up and over the the tops of skyscrapers. Jasmine is a spicy, sweet presence that seems to express the metallic heat of this city singeing the sky above, a rich, addictive aroma or evaporating water against steel, cement, and glass. Cedarwood continues to evoke this process, of nature dissipating against the bulwark of a gross, man-made projection. Muguet is a momentary shot of light, a reflection of the moon we cannot find in the sky but can only see reflected in the long, shiny rows of dark, empty windows. Musk and vetiver constitute a memory of the earth that lives beneath this throbbing metropolis. Ambergris, amber, and animalic notes echo both the inhabitants of this space and the distant memory of ocean, somewhere close to the horizon. Slightly eerie, magnetic, and surprisingly sensual, Aperture holds us in a rapt passion in the space between natural and synthetic realities. (aldehydes, pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper, tobacco, jasmin, cedarwood, hint of muguet, musk, vetiver, ambergris, animalic notes, amber)

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