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Ditch the Cartridge DE Safety Razor by Q Brothers (

Item #10071255
For a Better Shave (and a Fatter Wallet!)

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Product Description:

A perfect introduction razor into traditional wet shaving, Ditch the Cartridge's lightweight safety razor comes with 12 Treet stainless steel blades. The best razor for the price on the market!

Join the movement of intelligent shavers who have decided to Ditch the Cartridge! Results will include:
  • 1) A fatter wallet (cartridge blades are expensive!)
  • 2) A better shave (goodbye ingrown hairs and razor bumps)
  • 3) Less waste (adios annoying packaging)
  • 4) Increased shaving satisfaction (shaving like a real man -- or woman -- feels good!)

Product Details:

Directions for Use: For Beginners:
It's all about the angle. Find it, use it, love it.
Forget the old catridge press-and-drag routine. Light, steady pressure will do.
Use slow, small strokes when you begin, especially around the chin and the nose. You'll get the hang of it; no need to rush.

How do I change the Blade?
Hold the handle up in the air and place the top of the razor upside down on the counter. Grab the sides of the razor head (where there is no blade edge!) with you r thumb and forefinder and hold firmly. Unscrew the handle and life the top of the razor head so you can remove the blade. Carefully dispose of used blade in paper sleeve or bottom of blade dispenser.

Warnings: Never touch a or hold razor blades on the blade edge. Keep out of reach of children.

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MPN: SF10071255

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About Q Brothers:

The premier destination for men's wet shaving, grooming, and niche fragrance, Q Brothers has the most impressive selection of hard-to-find men's goods in the country. The Chicago-based store also offers its own line of finely crafted, affordable products to enhance every man's daily routine.

5.0 5
Works for me Right out of the package this razor is unimpressive Like the tools in the bargain bin at the hardware store But it shaves Yes Closer and with less passes than the Van der Hagen butterfly which is the same as the Weishi Have only used the Treet blades that came with it and the German blades from VdH Longer handle has a great grip with slick fingers Slim head profile is easy to get around under the nose It appears to be identical to the Russian Voskhod Rapira razor head which comes with a warning quotNot for Novice Wet Shavers Aggressive as Beforequot Not clear on the meaning of that It is surely to be used slowly and with more caution but gives great results Very happy with this purchase and would buy another immediately if needed Would also buy the Voskhod if Smallflower offered it What a bargain price too If you are not concerned with impressing your friends with a fancy and expensive razor but only want to have a wonderful smooth face every morning get this razor Smallflower delivers fast
5 5 1
What can I say If I could change my original rating from 5 stars to 4 I would Only for the reason that this razor gives such a close shave that I canx27t use it for more than two days straight without irritation Then I must use a milder razor like the Feather Popular until I recover Maybe Ix27m asking too much Maybe therex27s a better razor out there
5 4 1
Really fantastic product I just tried this razor for the first time it was my first time using a doubleedged razor and I have to say that everything the merz brothers said in the YouTube video quotshaving 101quot is true My skin has never felt so good after a shave and I can already tell itx27s going to help with my acne and razor burn I use the avocado shaving cream and liked it a lot although I wasnx27t able to get it as foamy as they did It still works perfectly as did the brush that I bought I canx27t believe how reasonably priced this is and you get nine blades just for buying the razor Ix27m 34 years old and I can confidently say that Ix27ll be using doubleedged razors for the rest of my life Never going back to that cartridge package nonsense Thx
5 5 1
Amazing results, fresh shave and no irritation I watched the Q brothersx27 shaving 101 video and decided to try this very inexpensive razor I canx27t be more thrilled with the results My shave was closer cleaner AND less irritating than the gillettemacketc brands Ix27ve been using for years My acne is better and Ix27ve literally only used it twice Ix27m 34 and can honestly say I wonx27t ever go back to cartridge razors Thanks MerzSmallflower
5 5 1
For ladies too Ix27ve been using this for about 3 months now and I canx27t imagine going back to another kind of razorThese are extremely economical compared to the outrageous price of womenx27s shaving cartridges If you are on a budget like me paying those prices for blades that donx27t last or work so well is a bad deal These removable blades are very good for several shaves and therex27s no wasteful plastic packagingInserting the blades is easy One warning If you are short on time you canx27t just whip this out and shave like a crazy person in 5 minutes You do need to angle the blade and take your time in the beginning I tried to rush once and it was NOT pretty ouch Just slow down get the angles right especially around sensitive areas and use a good emollient shaving lotion and you will be ok
5 5 1