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Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener by Razorpit (

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Make One Razor Blade Last up to 150 Shaves!

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Product Description:

Razor pit is one of the most exciting products we have ever come across. This remarkable product makes it possible to use the same razor blade for up to 150 shaves! If you've ever been frustrated by the high cost (and waste) of disposable blades, then Razor pit is the solution. You will save time and money and get a clean, close shave each day. With normal use, razor blades naturally become clogged with hair, skin and shaving products, which can make the blade seem dull and tug on the skin. By cleaning the blade with the Razor pit, you will retain the sharpness of the blade and significantly prolong its lifespan.

How to use Razorpit:
  1. Apply a layer of shaving cream to Razorpit's surface
  2. Make reverse shaving motions against Razorpit with your blade while applying pressure. This will remove the dirt and residue from the blade. Repeat 3 to 4 times.
  3. Rinse both Razorpit and razor under running water
  4. Store the razor in the Razorpit with the blade facing up

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UPC: 065946015006


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Video: Anthony Reviews Razorpit

January 18, 2011

How can you make one disposable razor blade last up to 150 shaves? Watch this video to find out.

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it works I have benn using this Razorpit for over 3 years and canx27t imagine not ever using it to keep my blades clean and sharp IO use double edge blades and they last a couple of months before I feel I need to change them Love this product
5 4 1