Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella

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First founded in 1221 in Florence by Dominican Friars creating herbal remedies to use in their monastery, Officinia Profumo - Farmaceutica de Santa Maria Novella is one of the world's oldest standing pharmacies. However it wasn't until 1612 that the pharmacy gained an international status, opening to the public with the sponsorship of the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Santa Maria Novella specializes in luxury bath and body products, as well as divine colognes still true to their centuries-old formulations. Some of their most sought-after creations include rich hand and foot creams, aromatic potpourri (still fermented in terracotta jars as it was 800 years ago!), and fragrant pomegranate soaps. Not to mention their fragrances, which have a cult following of their own!

The products are still made on-site at their own factory in Florence, Italy, never testing on animals and using local ingredients whenever possible. Carefully handmade according to age-old recipes and artisanal methods, the preparations maintain a spirit of historical elegance.

BATH & SHOWER 21232  Orange Blossom Cologne, 100Ml CANDLES & HOME
21245  Algae Shower Gel, 250Ml 21237  Pomegranate Cologne, 100Ml 10066329  Pot Pourri Sachet, 100G
21244  Camomile Shower Gel, 250Ml 21629  Potpourri Cologne, 100Ml 10069638  Terracotta Pot Pourri, 20G
21243  Mint Bubble Bath, 250Ml 21233  Rose Cologne, 100Ml 21343  Armenia Paper
21246  Pomegranate Bath Salts, 500G 21637  Russian Cologne, 100Ml 21342  Pomegranate Perfume Candle
10067398  Musk Shampoo & Shower Foam, 8.4Oz 21230  Sandalwood Cologne, 100Ml 21338  Sandalwood Essence Interior
22164  Vetiver Bath Oil, 60Ml 21239  Santa Maria Novella Cologne, 100Ml 21339  Stephano Essence Interior
BODY, HANDS, & FEET 21235  Sicily Cologne, 100Ml 21346  Terracotta Pot With Potpourri, 150Gea
22654  Onicina Cuticle Cream, 30Ml 21636  Terracotta Pome Perfume 21864  Vanda Suvais Ess Interior
21330  Almond Paste, 50Ml 21630  Tuberose Cologne, 100Ml 21353  Rose Candle
21251  Body Milk, 250Ml 21234  Vanilla Cologne, 100Ml SOAP
21336  Foot Cream, 100Ml 21861  Vetiver Cologne, 100Ml 23284  Ceramic Soap Dish Blue Rim
21335  Hand Cream, 100Ml 22208  Violet Cologne, 100Ml 22584  Relax Liquid Soap, 250Ml
21252  Idrasol Cream, 250Ml 10067354  Angels Of Florence Edc, 100ml 27041  Sulfur Soap in Box
10067733  Anti-Cellulite Cream, 8.45Oz 10069043  Tabacco Cologne, 100Ml 21633  Almond Box Of 3 Soaps
22581  Arnica Cream, 100Ml FACE & ORAL CARE
21258  Carnation Box Of 3 Milky Soaps
22580  Calendula Cream, 100Ml 21916  Nourishing Night Oil, 50Ml 21262  Floral Cologne Box Of 4 Soaps
22655  Foot Bath Salts, 450G 21249  Orange Blossom Water, 250Ml 21257  Gardenia Box Of 3 Milky Soaps
22585  Relax Body Cream, 250Ml 21250  Rose Water, 250Ml 21254  Iris Box Of 3 Milky Soaps
22017  Idralia Cream, 50Ml 21247  Santa Maria Novella Herbal Water, 500Ml 21259  Jasmine Box Of 3 Milky Soaps
22403  Non Alchoholic Emulsion, 100Ml 23197  Lozenges 21260  Mint Box Of 2 Soaps
21915  Antiwrinkle Eye Fluid 21635  Musk Box Of 3  Soaps
23173  Musk Cologne, 100Ml 21914  Cream For Face And Neck, 100Ml 21263  Old Lavender Box Of 4 Soaps
27146  Kyoto Cologne, 100Ml 21337  Iris Toothpaste, 50Ml 21261  Olive Oil Soap
23427  Verbena Cologne, 100Ml 21253  Lip Moisturizer, 10Ml 21634  Pomegranate Bath Soap
23700  Amber Cologne, 100Ml 21248  Orange Blossom Water, 500Ml 21265  Pomegranate Box Of 3 Soaps
23701  Amber Lavender Cologne, 100Ml 21862  Rose Water, 500Ml 21266  Pomegranate Toilet Soap
21229  Carnation Cologne, 100Ml MEN
21255  Rose Box Of 3 Milky Soaps
21238  Cuba Cologne, 100Ml 22567  Sandalwood Aftershave, 100Ml 21267  Sandalwood Box Of 4 Soaps
22083  Freesia Cologne, 100Ml 22521  Vetiver Aftershave, 100Ml 22402  Sapone Uomo Potpourri Box Of 4
21236  Gardenia Cologne, 100Ml 21332  Before + After Shaving Cream 21264  Vellutina Soap
21876  Honeysuckle Cologne 21334  Men`S Body Milk 21631  Verbena Milky Soap in Box
22072  Imperial Lavender Cologne, 100Ml 22071  Russian Aftershave, 100Ml 21268  Vetiver Box Of 4 Soaps
21354  Iris Cologne, 100Ml 26185  Pomegranate Aftershave 21256  Violet Box Of 3 Milky Soaps
21231  Lily Of The Valley Cologne, 100Ml 21331  Shaving Cream, 250Ml 21632  Weekend Guest Soap in Box
21228  Magnolia Cologne, 100Ml 21333  Shaving Foam, 300Ml 10067353  Tabacco Toscano Sapone, 150g