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Smell is the sense most closely linked with memory and past experience. Just a hint of the right aroma can transport you back to a special place or help you relive an amazing moment. At Smallflower, we know that nothing compares to the pleasure of savoring a favorite scent. Click on any scent below to see all of the products we offer with that fragrance. Whether you're looking for a long-time favorite or a new scent to help define the great moments of the future, we're sure we have something for you.

A Absinthe Almond Aloe Aloe Vera Amber Angelica Anise Aniseed Apple Apricot Arnica Artichoke Arugula Avocado B Bamboo Banana Baobab Basil Bay Bay Rum Bayberry Beach Days Bergamot Berry Birch Black Tea Blackberry Blackcurrant Blackthorn Blue Lotus Bluebell Blueberry Bougainvillea C Cactus Calendula Camellia Camphor Caramel Cardamom Carrot Cassis Cedar Cedarwood Celery Chai Chamomile Champagne Cherry Cherry Blossom Chestnut Chocolate Cilantro Cinnamon Citron Verbena Citronella Citrus Clary Sage Clementine Clove Clover Cocoa Coconut Coffee Coriander Cotton Cranberry Cucumber Currant Cypress D Daisy
E Earl Grey Elemi Eucalyptus Evergreen F Fennel Fern Fig Fig Leaf Fir Needle Firewood Fleurs Blanche Floral Frangipani Frankincense Freesia Fruit Fuchsia G Gardenia Geranium Ginger Grape Grapefruit Grapeseed Grass Green Tea Guava H Hazelnut Heather Hibiscus Honey Honeysuckle Horse Chestnut Hyacinth Hydrangea Hyssop I Iris Ivy
J Jade Jasmine Jinkoh Juniper L Laurel Lavender Leather Lemon Lemongrass Lettuce Licorice Lilac Lily Lily Of The Valley Lime Linden Linen Lotus Lychee M Magnolia Malt Mandarin Mango Mangrove Manuka Maple Marigold Marjoram Melissa Melon Menthol Milk Mimosa Mint Mocha Mojito Moss Mulberry Musk Myrrh Myrtle N Nag Champa Narcissus Neem Neroli Nutmeg O Oak Moss Oat Milk Oatmeal Oceane Olibanum Olive Oolong Tea Opopanax Orange Orange Blossom Orchid Osmanthus
P Palmarosa Papaya Passionflower Passionfruit Patchouli Peach Pear Peony Peppermint Petitgrain Pine Pine Tar Pineapple Plum Pomegranate Poppy Pumpkin Q Quince R Rain Raspberry Red Poppy Redcurrant Rhubarb Rose Rose Geranium Rosehip Rosemary Rosewood Rum S Saffron Sage Sandalwood Sea Sea Buckthorn Seaweed Shea Butter Shiso Silk Soy Spearmint Spice Spruce Strawberry Sugar Sunflower Sweet Pea T Tangerine Tea Tea Tree Teak Thyme Tobacco Tomato Tonka Tropique Tuberose Tulip
U Unscented V Vanilla Verbena Vervain Vetiver Violet W Water Lily Wheat White Tea Wild Pansy Wintergreen Wintermint Wood Woodlands Y Ylang Ylang Yogurt Yuzu