Nightscape Eau de Toilette

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A Beaming Patchouli

Origin : USA

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A contemporary take on patchouli, Nightscape is a sensual modern fragrance that is mysterious and long lasting. Bergamot couples with a green accord to create a supple sear, so that these vibrant verdant notes awaken us, almost anonymously.

Jasmine and cedarwood blend, their sweetness alternately smokily aromatic and richly indolic, engendering a solid, dulcet heart that maintains the core of Nightscape. Yet while jasmine and cedarwood are a consistent presence throughout this fragrance, these notes are remarkably transparent, like a specter that bobs in its static place, but through which other notes pass.

Geranium, for instance, shoots up and through jasmine and cedar reinvigorating the brilliant top notes just as the rich base ignites. A soft leather shines in sepia tones, made all the more glossy and polished by a seemingly oleaginous accompanying musk. Amber is a golden orb that that weights the base of this fragrance but also buoys Nightscape with a saline fluidity. Tonka bean sparkles around the star of this show, patchouli, and back lights it so that it can gleam and shine and captivate.

Patchouli is indeed bewitching, a conglomeration of all the preceding effects displayed throughout this scent, rolled into one iconic package. Nightscape is a mesmerizing scent, that’s deeply contemplative as it enlivens. In Nightscape, we’re moonstruck.

(bergamot, green accord, jasmine, geranium, cedarwood, soft leather notes, musk, amber, tonka bean, patchouli)
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