Alkalizing Ionic Minerals by Uncle Harry's Natural Products (1oz Liquid)

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Over 72 Ionic Minerals!

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Ionic Minerals are the smallest possible molecular structure in perfect liquid solution that can enter the cell wall and penetrate the blood/brain barrier. Because of their size they are absorbed and begin working immediately to improve your health. Our proprietary formulation gives you the highest possible concentration of Fulvic acids, trace minerals, Amino Acids. Uncle Harry`s remarkable formulation creates a superior mineral complex that trans-mutates into a completely new supercharged product.
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Contains over 72 ionic minerals energized with fulvic acid.
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Directions for Use: Internally: 8 drops, 4 times a day. Hold under tongue before swallowing or may be mixed with any drink. You may moderately increase your dosage, if needed. Externally: Apply to affected area. Contains extra magnesium and calcium.

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