Isis Eau de Parfum

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A Lavish “Less Is More”

Origin : Sweden

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The sensation of blossoming, a new life beginning. This unisex fragrance is a true work of art. With a unique composition of the highest quality raw materials available, Isis has a fresh top with a beautifully deep body.

Black Pepper and ginger initiate this enlightening, fragrant conversation with sparkling verve. These spicy effects are subtle, silent partners that throw green tangerine and ylang ylang into sharp relief. This acid floral shimmers and seethes, surrounded by shards of cistus, like a yellow horizon pulsating in high, midday heat. Just as Isis appears to be vibrating at a fever pitch, it softens. Star anise sweeps in, its cooling, tangy complexity a perfect, surprising accompaniment to the lush textures of peach.

Caramel is a foreshadowing of heliotrope, two fluid, thick notes that create depth and a sense of restful solitude. Nutmeg imbues a sense of controlled grace. This is a heart of resounding stillness, a tranquil shadow that affords refuge, like slants of afternoon falling across a brilliant desert.

Rich, amberous, vanillic textures ground the luminous beauty that is Isis. These final notes illustrate the lush v. terse duality of Isis. Amber, musk, and vanilla absolute (which share a fluid, slightly fatty propensity) are cut by labdanum’s dry smolder and benzoin’s singeing, carbonated quality. Lorenox is a smooth, synthetic synthesis of dry and rich.

Isis is a spare, beautifully idyllic composition that exposes the lavish abundance of the “less is more” approach to fragrance, and perhaps, to life.

(cistus, green tangerine, ylang ylang, black pepper, ginger, anise, peach, caramel, heliotrope, nutmeg, amber, musk, benzoin, vanilla absolute, labdanum, Lorenox™)
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