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Underberg is more than just a simple bitters - it’s a unique and inimitable fusion of carefully extracted herbal essences from 43 countries, crafted through a secret recipe known only to the Underberg family.

The experience and knowledge have stood the test of time, making Underberg the ultimate European remedy for digestive health.


  • The Beneficial Effect Of Underberg Results From The Power Of Selected Aromatic Herbs From 43 Countries

  • The Aromatic Herbs Are Married With 44% Vol. Premium-Quality Alcohol

  • Underberg Is Perfectly Served In A 45 Degree Angle, Either Straight From The Portioned Bottle Or Served In The Underberg Tall Glass Directly At The Table

  • Since 1846, Underberg Has Been Produced Based On The Secret Semper Idem Process®, Which Guarantees Always The Same Quality And Effect

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It’s the best bitter for after meals or for first thing on a Sunday when you’re feeling a bit creaky from a long night of playing music and having a few with your friends. Life-giving, soul-saving UNDERBERG.

- Peter C.

My favorite at holidays and any time I eat too much or my stomach is calling for help. When Family comes to my house or I visit family, the question is: “Did you bring the Underberg?”

- Karl K.

We love Underberg! We have always taken it to get-togethers and introduced it to friends and family. It’s a staple in our house. The collectors are beautiful!

- Curt H.

While Underberg delivers a powerful flavor explosion for the mouth, the after-effects are so soothing on digestion.

- Tamala W. 

I have used Underbeg for stomach cramps, nausea, and overeating for many years. I always feel relief almost instantly.

- Hans K. 

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What is Underberg? 

Underberg is an herbal digestif bitters created and popularized in Germany in 1846. It comes packaged in single-serve 20-ml bottles with a hexagonal neck. Natural, straw-colored paper encircles each bottle, keeping the glass clean, light out and preserving the flavors of the bitters.

What is Underberg made from?

The exact Underberg recipe is a closely guarded secret. We do know that it consists of a blend of herbs from 43 countries around the world. This mixture rests and matures for several months in casks made from Slovenian oak. The precise composition of the herbs was chosen by the 4th and 5th generations of the family of founder Hubert Underberg. The formula is naturally gluten-free, certified by the German Celiac Society. It’s also kosher-approved, as certified by the Orthodox Union. The herbs are low in histamines and offer a boost of natural antioxidants.

What are the benefits of consuming Underberg?

Underberg supports your digestive functions by stimulating the bitter receptors on our tongue, stomach, gallbladder and pancreas. These receptors induce the synthesis of digestive enzymes, balance the stomach acid levels and promote healthy digestion.

Is Underberg considered alcohol?

Yes! Underberg sits at 44% ABV, or 88 proof, although the FDA considers Underberg to be non-potable bitters which is why we can sell it.

Why is Underberg so popular?

Often compared to Fernet-Branca and Jägermeister, and beloved for its supposed hangover-healing properties, Underberg has developed a following among American bartenders for its rich, Christmas-like herbal qualities — some of whom even use the entire bottle in their cocktail creations.

Can Underberg be used for a hangover?

Well, Underberg is 44 percent alcohol. Health professionals recommend that people suffering from a hangover avoid alcohol the next morning and stick to water and rest instead — but a shot of Underberg could mask headaches in the moment. So it's not a cure, so much as it resembles a classic "hair of the dog" solution.

What’s the correct way to drink Underberg?

You can drink Underberg straight from the bottle. The little one-shot portions guarantee that you're getting the perfect amount of herbal goodness each time. But Underberg purists will tell you that this is an inferior way of drinking the bottle's contents--the tapered neck makes it impossible for the liquid to reach your mouth all at once! It's considered proper technique to serve Underberg in a specially designed glass created just for consuming the little drink.

When should I drink Underberg?

Underberg is considered a German bitter or digestif normally taken after eating. As it says directly on the label, “Underberg: After a good meal."

Can Underberg help with an upset stomach?

Underberg can do more than just alleviate the pain associated with an upset stomach or indigestion. Incorporating an herbal bitter supplement into your diet could help to introduce bitter compounds you may be missing into your gut and immune system

Does Underberg help with bloating?

This is the first, and most famous benefit of bitters. Bitters engages and excites the digestive system. Sip a small amount after a meal for occasional heartburn and indigestion; for gas and bloating, take a sip before you eat.