DIY: How To Spring Clean Using Essential Oils

DIY: How To Spring Clean Using Essential Oils

April 14, 2023

At Merz, water cooler talk sounds a little different than most workplaces. Think… less meme sharing, and “did you see that sketch on SNL this week?” And more nerdy talk about the exact temperature at which we steep our green tea, or what new serum we’ve added to our skin routine now that the temperature is changing. The other day a group of us found ourselves chatting about essential oils, and sharing our favorite uses. Our Purchasing Manager Eric has dogs and mixes pet-safe essential oils into his cleaning supplies to combat odors, and disincentive the pups from making messes. Our Herbs & Teas Specialist Lisa makes her own lotions and body oils, and relies heavily on skin-safe essential oils to create fragrance blends that give her the calming or energizing effect she’s looking for. Our Sr. Copywriter and Content Specialist Justine owns pretty much every aromatherapy diffuser under the sun and has them on her desk, in her home, or wherever she feels like she could benefit from a bit of calm and focus.

Personally, I love using essential oils in baking. Try infusing your chocolate chips in peppermint oil! And like Eric, I create my own all-purpose cleaning spray, and love mixing and matching essential oils from Auroma, swapping out scent blends based on the season. Here’s the formula I use:


Auroma essential oils being poured into amber bottle


  • Mix 1 part water with 1 part white vinegar
  • Add one drop of a coconut emulsifier (or in a pinch a drop of a mild scented dish soap will do)
  • Add 50-60 drops of essential oil, depending on the size of your vessel. Start small and build up!

    My favorite essential oil combos are Pink Grapefruit and Moroccan Rosemary; Atlas Cedarwood + Sweet Orange; and you can’t go wrong with Calabrian Bergamot, which contains both fruity and herby notes. But the joy of aromatherapy for me lies in experimenting with different oils. So get creative, have fun, and take the time to reflect on how they make you feel.

    Need more essential oil tips? Give us a call, chat with us on, or if you’re in Chicago, stop by Merz Apothecary.

    Happy Spring!



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