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Kytta Salbe by Merck (50g)

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Back Pain Reliever Featured On!

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Product Description:

Sore muscles, beat-up joints, tennis elbow, lower back pain - these things happen to just about everyone some point. The remedy of choice for many has been ibuprofen or other over-the-counter pain medication. But there is a non-pharmaceutical alternative that is only available in the United States through Smallflower - Kytta Salbe (Comfrey Salve).

Comfrey Root has a long history as a medicinal herb. It's been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat wounds and reduce arthritis pain. This herbal salve is often used by customers with arthritic and rheumatic pain. It was featured in an article posted on WebMd. The article praises Kytta Salbe as an excellent natural cream to help relieve acute back pain not caused by a identifiable source, such as a bulging disc or trauma. Based on the study, participants using the Comfrey Salve experienced 95% reduction in pain - very convincing results. Find out for yourself today!

Product Details:

Ingredients: Comfrey Root Extract in an ointment base.

MPN: 10832842

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Kytta Salbe in Prevention Magazine

March 6, 2011

Kytta Salbe, a customer favorite for back pain, was featured in a recent issue of Prevention Magazine. This cream contains Comfrey root, which has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat wounds and aleviate pain. In a recent study, it was shown to reduce back pain by an amazing 95%! If you or someone you know struggles with back pain, Kytta Salbe may be the answer.

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5.0 11
Kytta Salbe Excellent for my recurring back pain from sitting most of the day after a few days of use I could tell a difference Also like that it has no odor
5 5 1
Kytta Salbe Amazing product I bought some for my wife who suffers from lower back pain She was amazed at how quick and effective it was in relieving her pain although it didnx27t last too longTwo different times I tried it for a sore shoulder and couldnx27t even believe how quickly it eliminated the pain And it stayed gone for me
5 5 1
Seemed to work... I bought this as a last ditch effort Only used it a couple of times a day Strangely my shooting pains seemed to disappear I noticed some discomfort in the mornings applied the cream and didnx27t really notice much pain if any throughout the day I have DDD L4L5 amp L5S1 and bulging disc L5S1
5 5 1
Awesome stuff I was a bit skeptical at first since nothing over the counter had really worked but this was amazing for lower back pain Smells pretty good too so I didnx27t reek like menthol all day Definitely recommend for pain Used it quite often at first then didnx27t really need it except on the occasions that I angered my back again
5 5 1
Pain relief with Kytta Salbe I have cancer that has spread to my bones Although I take morphine I still experience pain in my back and hip Kytta Salbe removes this remaining pain when it s rubbed into the painful areas What a joy it is to be free of pain and able to sleep at night Incidentally it is a superb moisturiser and has reduced wrinkle lines on my face
5 5 1
This stuff is awesome We first purchased Kytta Salbe to help with my husbands hip pain Then he got a hip replacement and we purchased more because it was so incredibly helpful for postsurgery bruising and pain Now we keep it around for all the bumps that come up Inevitably I end up giving some away to a loved one and have to order more Great stuff
5 5 1
Really works I heard about this product from a cousin in Germany Ive had such pain from arthritis in my hands and didnt want to go overboard with anti inflammatory prescriptions I used it not really expecting it to help and was so pleasantly surprised that much of the pain subsided I use it twice a day morning and night and it has really made a difference Ill be ordering more
5 5 1
has not arrived yet, still has not arrived yet still waiting
5 5 1
KYTTA for Pain Relief I love this stuff I have probably arthritis in groin area and maybe bursitis kicking up in hip andor sciatic nerve problemand using kytta has been working I donx27t even have to use it daily only as needed I believe I may have even restless leg syndrom and if my legs bother me I get up and rub a dab of Kytta over the pain in my leglegs before to long Ix27m sound asleep For light pain in my arms I often use the purple Aveeno stress relief and that works too Will keep on ordering Kytta and just canx27t understand why they donx27t sell it over counter here in the states Someone please explain this to me Thank you Merck
5 5 1
Really works I have a torn meniscus in both knees Fortunately it does not hurt all the time but when it does it is agonizing Kytta Salbe gives me pain relief within about 15 minutes
5 5 1
Kytta Salbe Kytta Salbe
5 5 1

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