Allgauer Franzbranntwein (Dwarf Pine Body Rub)

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Tried & True Body Rub for Aches & Pains

Origin: Germany
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Tried & True Body Rub for Aches & Pains

Known and enjoyed for generations as a body massage liniment and pain reliever. Apply freely and rub briskly with hands to relieve minor muscular aches due to overexertion or fatigue. Experience the power of pine today!


pine needle oil, camphor, menthol, ethanol, sage oil, rosemary oil. Other Ingredients: Ethanol 96%, Purifed Water, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Isobornyl Acetate, Sage Oil, Rosemary Oil, Seven Herbs Oil R 041.923, C.I. 15985, C.l. 42051, C.I. 16255, C.I. 47005, Sodium Sulfate.

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