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Pure Shampoo for Dogs + Cats

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Chemical-Free Shampoo for Pets

Origin: USA
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Chemical-Free Shampoo for Pets

This natural, biodegradable cleansing and enriching formula offers an effective alternative to commercial pet shampoos that often irritate and dry the sensitive skin of dogs and cats. Most pet shampoos contain synthetic detergents and chemicals that cause irritated, dry and itchy skin. Pure Shampoo is free of such chemicals. Pure Shampoo contains only natural ingredients -- a unique blend of coconut oil soap base; organic protein; an amino acid combination supplying nutrients to the skin and fur; vitamin E, a skin-protecting agent and anti-oxidant; and aloe vera and jojoba oils, natural moisturizing ingredients. This extraordinary formula was perfected after 25 years of research and use.


UPC: 031697101176

De-ionized Water, Coconut Oil Liquid Soap, Organic Protein, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil.

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