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Cowboy Grass Eau de Parfum

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The Sweet Smell Of A Bandit

Origin: USA
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Scent: Rosewood
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The Sweet Smell Of A Bandit

American sagebrush, flowering white thyme, & prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories- perfect for robbing banks on horseback. A masculine, medium bodied scent, this fragrance imitates the high of adrenaline-inducing pursuits with its fruity, vivid profile. Still, there's never a moment when the bittersweet realities (and risks) of life in the Wild West aren't articulated by the sharp, herbaceous textures that stud this scent. Rosewood provides the initial glint of pulse-racing energy, as polished and rich as the flash of a carved pistol handle. A soft breeze of wild thyme blows across the prairie, a sweet, floral fragrance that perfumes the fine-boned ankles of an equine get-a-way vehicle. Bergamot is a spike of brightness, a ray of light catching the hatbrim of a mounted, lone rider. Sagebrush has the spicy, almost animal scent of something living; this trace of heat rouses our rider from his reflective horizon-gazing. But the green peppery heat of basil coupled with the clean, smooth textures of rose assuage this horseman's suspicions that there's anything moving towards him- except the wind. Vetiver heightens our experience of the waving grass, it's sweet, earthy piquancy imitating the dry, sunbaked tips of the tall blades. Ambergris is a savory undercurrent, the smell of this fugitive and his animal, draped in layers of wool and leather. Cowboy Grass is a scent of quiet, concerted intensity, an expression of the primeval longing to be free, and out of doors. Beautiful, energetic and ever so slightly melancholy, Cowboy Grass is an existential experience. (rosewood, wild thyme, bergamot, sagebrush, basil, rose otto, vetiver, grass, ambergris)


SD alcohol 40B, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), citral, geraniol, farnesol, benzyl benzoate

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