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Lavender Catnip Insect Repellent

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Bug Off!

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Bug Off!

Keep insects at bay the natural way, with Lavender Catnip Insect Repellant. Based on catnip infusion, which was shown to be the most effective herb for insect-repelling qualities. Blended with powerful lavender, basil, and sage, it makes an appealing aroma for humans, but is repulsive to those pesky bugs!Designed to keep you comfortable when you're out in nature. Acknowledging nature's beauty and magnificence, why not trust nature's inherent wisdom for your insect repellent? Made with all natural ingredients and herbs grown on the Four Elements certified organic farm. 4oz Spray.


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Witch hazel, infusion of catnip* and lavender*,vegetable glycerin, lavender, basil and sage essential oils, borax. *Organic

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