Eye Butter Anti-Aging Cream

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Soothe Eyes with Organic Cucumber Extract

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Soothe Eyes with Organic Cucumber Extract

Eye Butter combines an age old secret to eye care with pharmaceutical grade ingredients to soften eye tissue, reduce fine lines and tighten the skin. The glowing effect brightens the skin around the eyes, enhances skin color and is a great natural foundation for mineral eye makeup. Eye Butter like all Keys products is first and foremost skin therapy.

The secret to Eye Butter is naturally distilled organic cucumbers. Keys Care distills their own cucumber to create an extract that is high in the ingredients that have been known for years to tighten and tone eye tissue. Actors and models have placed cucumber slices on their eyes to reduce puffiness and to tighten eye tissue. Keys Care cucumber extract has all of those natural features in a concentration you can feel and see.

Eye Butter is also enriched with natural filtered and unprocessed shea butter, along with avocado, black cumin and carrot seed oils to moisturize, rejuvenate and tighten the skin around the eyes.


avocado oil, shea butter, carrot seed oil, black cumin oil, cucumber, aloe vera, purified water, vegetable glycerin, vegetable wax, rosemary extract.

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