Koda ProCalm Calmative for Dogs

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For a Calm & Happy Dog

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For a Calm & Happy Dog

ProCalm is a relaxing elixir developed for highly stressed and easily agitated dogs. It uses a combination of Magnolia extract, magnolo, and virgin organic avocado oil as a natural herbal relaxer. Add to food to reduce agitation and to help dogs remain sleeping through the night.Some people have turned to over-the-counter medications like Bendryl for stress reduction in their dogs. Although these work, they often leave the dog sedated and feeling lethargic. Dosing on and off with these medications can leave the dog wired, stressed, agitated, and restless. Keys developed ProClam based on Chinese herbal therapy around magnolia extract. When taken, it reduces cortisol levels which lower stress and the effects. It 'takes the edge off' for the dog without lethargy or agitation. The magnolia extract also affected the adrenal glands further reducing the stress levels in the dog. Adding a few squirt to the dog's food as needed will smooth out their days which just may smooth out yours a bit.


Virgin Avocado Fruit Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Virgin Black Seed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin USP, Sesame Oil, Magnolia Officinalis (Herbal Extract).


Discontinue use immediately if reactions occur. Not a maintenance regime.

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Shake well. Pump into dog's food once or twice daily as needed. One pump per 10 pounds of body weight. Refrigerate after opening.

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