Mangrove Foaming Shampoo

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Totally Natural Shampoo without Greasy Residue!

Origin: USA
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Totally Natural Shampoo without Greasy Residue!

Mangrove takes a very complex process to make it. Traditional methods for making a Castile soap produce high fatty acid level that cause the hair to cake and thicken. Many people who do not treat their hair with color or do not use SLS based shampoos can use regular Castile soap to wash their hair. This is such a small percentage of the population, that Keys Care researched ancient methods to find a way to create a Castile type shampoo that feels and performs like a salon developed shampoo. They discovered a 600 year old recipe used in Wales, and then used state-of-the-art oils to create Mangrove.

You can tell your hair is clean when you use Mangrove because it squeaks. Mangrove does not strip the hair or remove color. It squeaks because the surface of the hair has all of the residue removed. The natural oils deposit on the scalp to condition the hair follicle while keeping the hair clean. Follow with Mangrove conditioner and the hair will be silky without becoming greasy. The combination of the shampoo and conditioner leaves hair looking shiny and smooth.


saponified natural coconut and olive oils, avocado oil, blood orange essential oil, sage essential oil

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