Proflexoil Joint Cartilage Support

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Vegan Joint Support for Dog Mobility

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Vegan Joint Support for Dog Mobility

ProFlexoil is a multifaceted vegan joint compound for dogs of all ages whose joint stress comes from both external and internal forces. It is a Cox-2 enzyme inhibitor with ingredients including Glucosamine HCL (not sulfate) and Collagen.Keys Care's glucosamine collagen formulation is designed to build cushion in joints and reduce pain associated with osteo disorders. It is suspended in pharmaceutical grade oils that are designed to maximize assimilation of the Glucosamine and Collagen.- Add to food- Aids mobility- Promotes flexibility- Anti-inflammatory- Helps rebuild cartilage- Tendon support- Arthritis relief- Omega 3,6,9's- Not from Shellfish- No NSAIDs


Glucosamin HCL (vegetarian), collagen, virgin avocado fruit oil, grapeseed oil, virgin black seed oil, vegetable glycerin USP, sesame oil.

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Shake well. Pump into or on the dog's food. Twice daily. One pump (2cc) per ten pounds of body weight.

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