DOC Multi-Use Suction Holder

Item #10067938
Origin: USA
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Perfect for your RADIUS Toothbrush!

  • Suction base ensured to attach to any smooth surface or wall, opening up a world of possibilities for every need!
  • The ultimate Toothbrush Holder! Holds toothbrush vertically or hangs from wall.
  • Bathroom helper! Great for razors, sponges, hairbrushes and much more!
  • Perfect for the kitchen to hold a dish towel or a spoon while cooking!
  • Office-genie extraordinaire - holds iPod and Blackberry for hands free music or conference call
  • EcoPure biodegradable additive ensures breakdown in any environment (landfills, composts, commercial facilities etc) and is 100% recyclable: Package - Recycled PP #1; Product -- #7 Plastic
  • Assorted colors. Available in white, ibis rose, vibrant green, charcoal grey, bright purple

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