Essential Grooming Kit

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The Grooming Essentials

Origin: Italy
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The Grooming Essentials

These are the must-have tools for today's man. They're reat for stubble, ingrown hairs, fine brow and facial hair, and keeping hands attractively well-groomed. Stainless steel is durable and easy to sanitize, and a convenient carrying case keeps everything clean and protected. Kit includes: - Tweezerette for ingrown hair/splinter removal- Facial Hair Scissors crafted in Italy for precise performance - Fingernail Clipper with heavy duty sharp, curved blade to trim nails with precision- Multi-Use Nail Tool that combines cuticle pusher, nail cleaner, and built-in nickel abrader for filing nails


UPC: 038097009965

Use the perfect performance tools in this essentials kit to groom from head to toe with ultra-precision. Disinfect tool tips with alcohol or peroxide after each use.

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