Ingrown Toenail File Stainless Steel

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Gently Deals with Ingrown Nails

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Gently Deals with Ingrown Nails

This device files rather than cuts ingrown toenails, promoting healthy growth that won't continue to dig into skin. The curved end lifts, files, and cleans under tricky ingrown nails, while the flat end is specially designed for even tighter, more sensitive areas.- Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean- Textured body for a secure grip


UPC: 038097520002

Before bathing, file top of nails with a regular nail file to reduce thickness. After you soak and while nails are soft, gently slide either end of file under ingrown to lift nail - choose curved or flat end depending on shape of nail. To file away ingrown, slide file under lifted area and slowly pull file out to thin the under-surface of the nail and relieve pressure. Repeat until nail is back to a normal shape and you feel relief.

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